4 things I learned this summer

Fall is my favorite. The weather in Alabama doesn’t really change until almost November, but seasonal house decor and pumpkin spice lattes and college football are in the lineup. Even though this summer had plenty of hard, there were also more naps, playtime, and grilling out.

There isn’t such a thing as “perfect” and that goes for each season we’re in (literally and figuratively). As a mom to a sweet boy on the autism spectrum I craved finding ways to fill myself up in small ways while still attending to his needs. Here are things I learned this summer.

1. Decluttering is therapeutic.

We are planning to move in a few months to the next town over so I’ve slowly been going through closets, sorting out what we don’t need or use anymore. Those things get donated. It’s funny what motivates you to become a minimalist. I really don’t feel like moving junk from one house to another, so this has been a surprisingly great stress reliever.

2. Audiobook + an actual book = efficiency


It’s no secret that Jesse and I visited the library this summer almost once a week. I tend to check out fiction books instead of buying them for lots of reasons (bookshelf space, what if I hate the book, money…). But my summer brain doesn’t have as much energy or time, so I checked out of the library an audiobook, along with the book itself. Listening to the CD in the car and picking up with the book at home helped me stay in the story more and not give up on finishing it. Also, it’s fun!

3. YouTube workouts saved my exercise routine.

Part of having Jesse at home this summer meant I wasn’t going to the gym to workout. Which is really fine by me because it just feels gross and stinky and germy anyway. But I was missing the mental health benefits from exercising, as well as needing something low-impact to help with my low back aches. Well. Little did I know that finding an exercise regime that I actually liked was as easy as turning on my t.v. You can find plenty of exercise options through YouTube. I have really enjoyed the 20-30 minute Pilates videos by PopSugar fitness.

4. Creativity takes courage and intention.


I read again Hannah Anderson’s book ‘Made for More’ this summer. I can’t recommend it enough for other women. Not only is she a writer and someone I want to be when I grow up, she’s also a wife and mother. Anderson recently interviewed another artist/mom on how she incorporates her calling as an artist with the calling of motherhood.

Honestly it’s still something I struggle with. But I’m also learning that God put in each of us different gifts He intends for you and me to use. If we aren’t exercising those passions in some form, no matter how small, it’s disobedience. Because the Lord can use my meager loaves and fish to multiply exponentially if He chooses to. I’m only required to act.

Looking forward to hearing about your summer learnings. What is one thing you like about summer? What is one thing you’re glad to see go?


Grace upon grace,







2 thoughts on “4 things I learned this summer

  1. I noticed more bright stars this summer. I heard more crickets and frogs at the end of a day with the smells of summer. Is at out on my deck and took those things in, one particular evening when the breeze was nice I’m sure I heard Sinatra crooning “the summer wind”. I will be glad to see the higher temperatures go, am replaced by cool Autumn evenings, with just a hint of firewood smoke in the air. I liked your post and I got ideas on where and what you did. Love to read you ! Love Dad

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