Springtime Discoveries

  1. Spring in Alabama = allergies, allergies, allergies

I did not understand people with allergies when I was younger, simply because I was ignorant. Oh boy, has that changed! With each year I get allergy symptoms that grow worse and worse. Sneezing uncontrollably- check; watery, itchy eyes- check; tissue within arm’s length 24/7- check.


I think we really can’t understand certain things (like allergies even) until we have experienced it for ourselves. Only then can we empathize with someone and pass a Kleenex.


  1. Bangs will be brave

Age will bring things like well, gray hairs and thinning and kind of looking tired. Okay, maybe that last part is just me, but the hair issues I did not love so I came up with a solution: highlights + BANGS!



I hadn’t had bangs since middle school so feeling a bit nervous was an understatement. Pinterest is a great tool before making any monumental life decision, so naturally I researched it. It sounds ridiculous but you wear your hair everyday so it should take a little thought.

Anyway, I like it (although I laughed after the hairdresser cut them because it looks so different). And it took a little courage, practicing the “not caring what people think” mantra. But sometimes change happens only when we are brave enough to step outside the box, even in baby steps.

3. Wainscoting vs. wainscoting

Jason and I are in the middle of building a home. There are 3 billion home decorating options to think about (at least it feels that way). One of the choices is whether or not we want wainscoting in the living room. I noticed I pronounced this word differently than the interior designer so I never actually said the word out loud during our meeting with her because I thought I was probably saying it wrong.

It turns out, even the dictionary people can’t agree on the correct pronunciation, so either way you say it will work just fine.

Merriam-Webster pronunciation

Macmillan Dictionary pronunciation

 4. Studying the Bible with help

Did you know Matthew Henry wrote commentary on the WHOLE BIBLE? It’s comprehensive and exhaustive in a good way. I recommend checking it out just because the sources we use to navigate the treasures in God’s Word need to be Biblically sound. Even believers have to be discerning with false teachings often found in poor commentaries, sermons, blogs, articles, etc.

You can find his commentary and other great resources at www.biblestudytools.com


5. The sound of music


For those who follow this blog, you know that my son is on the Autism Spectrum. I recently enrolled him in music classes and piano lessons. It has been astounding to see his response.

I already knew the importance of music for all of us, but especially for someone like my son. When he was a baby I tried the ‘Baby Einstein’ DVDs. But the classes in-studio and through virtual lessons are interactive, which has become a regular part of our daily routine. He will specifically ask to watch the music lessons online, or listen to a certain song on the CD his teacher created for her students.

It is a faith-based company so we incorporate songs about Noah’s Ark, ‘This Little Light of Mine’, and ‘Jesus Loves Me’. Jesse sang for the first time ‘Jesus Loves Me’ all the way through just a few weeks ago. And more recently, he said, “I love you” unprompted and clearly to my husband. We both heard it and I got emotional. What a blessing music has been to us in just a short amount of time!

There is a reason the Lord tells us to sing His praises and make music!!


6. Creativity is in all of us

In the past I have enjoyed taking still life pictures, particularly of nature. It was relaxing and I developed a curiosity of God’s work all around, even in simple things like the fascinating spider web that shines each morning in a corner of the garage.



Being creative sparks wonder and uniqueness in how God fashioned you. This is a good article that speaks to our God designed creativity:


Creativity comes in many forms too. Let’s broaden our scope of that word to include things like gardening, writing, cooking, software programming, designing architecture, fashion, interior design, and even coffee art.


The point is, be creative because God is and you are His image bearer.

Grace upon grace to you today, and as you head into glorious summer.