March Madness


Spring is here. It is refreshing to see life bloom again. Color everywhere and warmer weather, hooray! March felt a little heavy, personally and around the world. While nations argued and it seems as if evil is winning we as believers hold on to something more. Praise God this isn’t my home! I have a sure hope of better things to come.

Despite all of the negative news that determined to overpower my senses, there were glimpses of God’s grace, beauty and even fun all around. Here are 6 things I enjoyed in March:


Matt Damon portrays an astronaut who faces seemingly insurmountable odds as he tries to find a way to subsist on a hostile planet.

  1. I now understand why The Martian was nominated in the Comedy category at the Oscars.

I know I’m late to the party on this one since I just watched it. It’s not your typical comedy by any means, more like a dramedy. To keep the movie light and interesting, quips are sprinkled throughout making this film delightful to see. Matt Damon does a superb job carrying most of the scenes solo. I found it to be a mix between Apollo 13 and Castaway (notably both Tom Hanks movies).

Growing up in an “all things NASA” city and really enjoying The Martian I think qualifies me as a solidified space nerd. I surprised even myself on that one.


  1. Karen Carpenter was crazy talented

Jason and I watched a PBS special on The Carpenters a few weeks ago. I had no idea Karen played the drums before she started singing. That was her thing before they all realized she had the most enchanting voice ever. Who knew?

She also had a contralto singing voice, the lowest female voice type. It is said to be the most rare of female vocals with less than 1% of the population.


  1. Apparently I have a high sensitivity to caffeine

After my morning cup of coffee I would always have huge crashes and felt half-asleep (Dead woman walking). So, to counter the zombie look I’m in the middle of “coming clean” from caffeinated beverages for a solid 3 months! I do feel a lot better after only a few weeks. This is just an experiment, or complete insanity.


4. We live in a mad, mad, mad world

Politics has sucked me in. All I hear about is the “anger” the voters have, and yeah I get it. I’m both fascinated and appalled by it all. There were quite a few “super” Tuesdays, candidates dropping out and immature exchanges back and forth. I’m sorry, is this the 8th grade or a presidential election?

My hope when everything feels unsettled on the verge of collapse is that God is on His throne. God is still God. Ultimately I place my hope in Him and not man.



5. If you are on Instagram like the 400 million other users, check out these incredible landscape photographers:




These talented people travel all over the world capturing breath-taking views of God’s creation. I’m always left in awe over our Great God and Creator of the Universe. What an amazing gift He gives us through His beauty.

What things did you see, listen to or learn in March? Do you and your family have any traditions that you celebrate for Easter? Ours was low-key this year and I enjoyed it. Celebrating our Risen Savior and Living Hope this month makes everything else pale in comparison.

I pray that you are filled with peace and joy as we step into one of my favorite months, my name’s sake you guys!

Grace upon grace,




4 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Hi there, April. I found your blog through Emily’s linkup. Those landscape photos are breathtaking. I love finding inspiration through Instagram. And I LOVED the Martian. The book was also incredible, with lots more sarcastic humor. Have you read it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Larissa, no I haven’t read The Martian yet. If it’s as good as the movie I definitely need to look into it. I really like Instagram too and all the gorgeous/creative pictures people take plus the encouragement shared 🙂 Emily’s IG is great for that. Thanks for stopping by!


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