My Coffee Addiction


For those who know me, you understand my appreciation of the coffee bean; some may even call it love. The thing is, I talk about it so much that others have concluded I’m a 12 cups-a-day addict. Not so, friend. In the past I have just reallllly looked forward to my morning cup of joe. My sanity and irritability level depended on it.

I occasionally indulged in a second cup by early afternoon, especially in the winter, but that was more for warmth than anything else. Caffeine after 3pm just makes me jumpy and jittery like a spooked cat (or my parents’ insane dog).

I always had a huge crash from coffee, leaving me feeling zombie-like. There is regular tired and then there is the heavy, exhausted curl up on the couch and never get up tired. My whole body felt like it was weighted down with no energy.

So, like a crazy person I decided to do the next logical thing. Roughly over a month ago, I stopped drinking coffee cold turkey. It’s funny because I said that I wasn’t a coffee addict, but my body told me otherwise. The next day consisted of a full-blown migraine. It wasn’t pretty ya’ll. But after getting over that I have felt like an entirely different human being: calmer, nicer, not likely to fall asleep at 10am… I still get tired occasionally like every other normal person because hello, life? But I don’t feel like a zombie either.

I am also known for getting frequent headaches. Basically anytime the wind changes direction it seems like I have one. It’s due partly to living in an area surrounded by hills, which is the equivalent to living in a bowl with all pollen, air pressure, pet dander, and grass serving as a petri dish for the natives. I don’t claim to have a firm knowledge on how all this works, I only experience it, but I digress.

Would you believe I have had just a couple since coming off caffeine? That takes the percentage down like 85% or something. And it’s a down right miracle compared to a couple each week!

All I’m saying is that one simple change has made a big difference. Even my husband Jason notices I’m a little sweeter, patient, and present in life. It just goes to show that life changes don’t have to be big, drastic (although this might qualify), or scary. Sometimes an effective change can be very simple, like choosing to take vitamins, drink more water, or walk outside for 30 minutes a day. I realize my examples are all health related, but it doesn’t have to be for you. Choose something that would help you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. After a while you forget to have to make yourself, and discipline becomes habit.

Do I miss coffee? Heck yes. And eventually I may treat myself to a latte or iced coffee, but it won’t be a regular thing anymore. I feel so much better that the benefits actually outweigh my love for the coffee bean.

Is there a simple change you have been thinking about making? I’d love to know! Share in the comments section.

Grace upon grace,




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