February Favorites


February is the month of love, hearts, chocolate, pink and red. Even so, there is still more winter which means cold and gray and for some reason, at least where I live, lots of rain. I try to look around for the little things to smile about in the sludge of winter. Something about every cloud has a silver lining right? Anyway, here a few things that made me happy this month. This is for the mom who is struggling, the aspiring organizer, and the thrifty shopper.


  1. Podcast – Mom Struggling Well

I’m fairly new to the podcast world and I feel like I’ve struck gold with this one. This podcast is for every mom who feels like she isn’t doing the mom thing right. You know, like your fear that Junior just might grow up to be a criminal because you feed him more sugary cereal than organic squash?

Each episode Emily Thomas interviews another mom about personal trials she is experiencing with her kids. Topics range from adoption stories, perseverance in the thick of it, raising a child with autism, to discovering your own passions. Emily is heartfelt and so funny. You really can’t go wrong listening to this mix of encouragement, laughter and wisdom. Let’s stop comparing our skills and just support each other. Give yourself some grace today and maybe change your perspective from struggling, to struggling well.


  1. Ikea turquoise cart

So there’s a story of a woman who lived in a house with a desk full of cluttered incoming mail she didn’t know what to do with. Until one day the Lazy Genius told her that this magical cart would solve all her problems! That woman is me. (Surprise)

You guys, I am not a DIY, handy Mandy (the girl version) kind of gal, but this utility cart? Super easy to put together. I’m not kidding. Even for me, this is saying a lot. Now all of the mail and junk that mocked my lack of organizational skills is tucked away out of sight.

Use yours as an art cart for the kids, a food serving station, or maybe even a coffee bar? Also, I somehow feel like an official adult now with my first ever Ikea purchase. It sounds soo grown up.


  1. Target $1-3 (sometimes $5) section

Target is really stepping up their game with this corner of treasures. I love shopping at Target, but sometimes I go in to get 3 things that end up costing me $100! So, to get my Target fix and not break the bank, I’ve been eyeing this section more. Keeping with the organization theme, here are a few things I found in the Target poor smart nook:

A wooden tray organizer which will now serve as home for my bracelets, lipstick, and other girl things; Chic magnets for the fridge; A cute chalkboard for the kitchen; Stickers for Jesse that should last him for weeks (under $1 because it was discounted); A ‘Celebrate’ sign that will be used for many birthdays to come and other happy occasions.

See? Easy, affordable, and charming. Dave Ramsey would be proud.

What are some of your favorite finds from February? Share in the comments section!


Grace upon grace,




6 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. Beautiful cart! I’m always looking for ways to make organizaiton more beautiful and practical–thanks for the tip! I’d love to live close enough to a Target to take advantage of the sales–but driving 90 miles to save a few bucks…maybe not ;).

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